Sustainable Solutions

Our products are easy to use and maintain. Instead of having to remember to use a specific water bottle our product works with any water bottle.

Healthcare Solutions

Water makes up for two-thirds of our bodies. Daily hydration is a necessity for survival. Our product provides a way for people to remember to stay hydrated easily.

Attainable Solutions

Compared to expensive smart bottles out there, we provide an innovative, viable and cost-conscious product in the form of Hydra Pulse, that makes your own bottle smart.

How we provide sustainable solutions:

We aim to provide sustainable solutions that are durable, high-quality and compliment the current water bottle you use. 

You are used to your own bottle for all its features and glory.  Our product does not force you to migrate to another bottle. It just adds value to the same bottle that’s dear to you and makes it smart! No batteries to be replaced, no maintenance to be done. Charge it like a cellphone. Just take a sip when notified and done!

How we provide healthcare solutions:

From the very young to the very old, many people suffer from dehydration for a variety of reasons. Staying hydrated is important.

Water makes up for two-thirds of our bodies. As we get mature, the water level on our bodies drops due to two main reasons – a) loss of muscle mass and b) loss of thirst. Thus, we become increasingly dehydrated, without us ever noticing it. This condition silently starts to deteriorate our health.

How we provide attainable Solutions:

Compared to some of the other rather expensive smart bottles out there, Thriving Solutions provides innovative, viable and cost-conscious products.

We intend to provide just what is needed, nothing more. No gimmicks that are otherwise force fitted to make the feature list look huge. No fancy packaging that the user is ultimately required to pay for. Just a modern, customizable, drink reminder that fits onto your bottle of choice – done!

of our bodies are composed of water*
of Americans are in a state of dehydration
liters a day is the suggested amount*
of adults drink less than four cups a day*
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