Making Every Bottle Smart

Hydra Pulse Blog

1.     Your favorite bottle– Use your Hydra Pulse on ANY bottle. That’s right; you are not stuck with one bottle. Not only will you get to enjoy water out of your favorite bottle, this neat little device is so versatile it will become your favorite health & wellness tool too!

2.     Anywhere you go – The Hydra Pulse is a small, lightweight device that can go anywhere with you. Getting water alerts is so easy… The Hydra Pulse will never leave your side.

3.     Intelligent, but costly– The price of an average smart bottle can vary greatly, but it’s not uncommon to purchase one for $50  or even up to $100 dollars, depending upon what bells and whistles it has. That could buy you a lot of filtered water! Smart bottles can be expensive however the price of our Hydra Pulse is only $34.95.

4.     Smart Bottle, not smart to loose – Let’s face it water bottles are easily lost. Losing a $50 or $100 smart bottle could really put a dent in your wallet. The Hydra Pulse is not that much of an investment, so if it does get lost or misplaced you will not feel so bad when you purchase another one!

5.     The Hydra Pulse is a perfect fit –Amazon warns that not all smart bottles will fit in car cup holders. Oh no! You’ll have little motivation to drink more water if your bottle is difficult to travel with. The Hydra Pulse doesn’t have that problem… It’s a perfect fit on the bottle of your choice. And this bottle is often your favorite passenger – In your car by your side – keeping you hydrated.

6.    Alerts you for less – The Hydra Pulse will alert you by blinking at least once per hour.  A smart bottle with this feature often has a purchase price of $45 or more. Get your water alerts for less money; Use a Hydra Pulse.

7.    Intentionally unobtrusive – This device makes you look good in two ways. It gets you in shape by helping you to drink more water, and it’s discreet. Now you can look fashionable with your best bottle!

8.    Smart Bottles can be cumbersome–The beauty of the Hydra Pulse is it’s light like a feather compared to a bulky smart bottle. Try it out and see for yourself. After all, drinking more water shouldn’t require you to lift heavy objects.

9.    Not all Smart Bottles are BPA free –It’s hard to know if your smart bottle is BPA free, because not all label them as such. The Hydra Pulse can easily slip on to any BPA free bottle you like. Less chemicals equals better health.

10.  Cleanliness is next to godliness – Reusable plastic bottles can hold bacterial contamination risks. Reusable water bottles contain more bacteria than a dog toy! If this is a concern to you, using a glass bottle with the Hydra Pulse attached is a great solution.