How it all Started

The founder of the company was not particularly athletic. And when the ‘prosperity’ started to show, even though the cloaks of jackets, it was time to do something about it. A jogging schedule was embarked upon, and soon after a garage gym was being visited.

While embarking on this new journey to health, the founder was still experiencing fatigue and lack of stamina. Through health research, it was identified that not drinking enough water caused fatigue, lack of stamina and dehydration. Obviously, the best way to combat this was to drink ‘enough’ water. So, he filled up the cool water bottle that was sitting on the office desk. That was easy – or was it? The problem – that filled water bottle stayed filled – without a sip taken for days. Why? Thirst is not enough as a hydration reminder. It has actually been noted by the American Heart Association that feeling thirsty indicates that you’re already dehydrated.

Something had to be done. Concurrently, with 23 years background in electronics engineering and interest in tinkering with microcontrollers, the founder was conceptualizing a tiny motion detector gadget for another project and thought that it could double as a hydration reminder. Then a friend identified hydration reminder as the gadgets primary use case and that was it. A weekend DIY project was pursued that resulted in a simple contraption of 2 LEDs, a tilt sensor and a battery with a switch, strapped to the bottle with tape – the very first Hydra Pulse was born. This was a game changer as now up to 3 liters were being downed on a good day. And results started to show within week two in terms of endurance during running and workouts.

He then thought “How many others may have similar problems, especially people with chronic illnesses worsened due to lack of hydration?”

To help people in such need, Thriving Solutions Inc. was founded… And here we are today ready to make a beneficial difference in your health and your life!

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